MailTab Pro for Yahoo App Reviews

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Love this app- Needs minor bug fix.

I just purchased this App. I have a new iMac Pro and wanted a quick easy way to read and send yahoo mail. I get a ton of junk mails in my yahoo account and this keeps me from havig all the junk mixed in with my good email. This app has a very simple user interface and lets me send and view emails. I really like it. There is one bug where it keeps sending the same email as long as you stay on the message sent screen. Clicking on the home button right after a message is sent stops it from doing this. Hopefully they fix that soon.

Does Not Work. I have the latest Update with High Sierra!

This is a t total waste of money. Do Not Buy! It does Not Work. I'm suprised Apple allows this without testing it.

Pretty Handy

Seem like a great application. I love the interface, its definelly the best way to keep icon in desktop. This app bridges the gap and allows me to use Yahoo without having to go to the website or deal with it in mail app as Pop client. Its behaved very well and doesn’t take up much in the way of resource.

Great Mail app for Yahoo, quick support

I uses MailTab on my MB Air. Was having problem with unrelated messages appearing together. The supporter resolved my issues in 5 minutes. Now app is performing as its is designed. Thanks.

Does not work!

App will not stay open longer than 5 seconds then shuts down. Love to get my money back if i could.

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